Why do we cheat on our partners?

I have had a profile on the best escorts website for about five years now, and during that time, I have met a lot of gents who like to cheat on their partners. Some of them, even seem to think that cheating on their partners is a bit of a sport. I really don’t like dating that kind of a gent at London escorts. Sure, I can understand that they have some personal needs which are not taken care of by their partners, but even so.

Having thought about cheating long and hard, I would not want to date a guy or be married to a guy who cheated on me. I think if I found out that my partner cheated on me, I would kick him up. That is why I am putting by as much of what I can of my London escorts earnings, to make sure I am independent. But then one of the girls here at London escorts said something, she said that some men cheat because women have become too powerful.

I am not sure that is true, but I do think a lot of gents are a bit more insecure these days. You will find that it is not only London escorts who earn more money than the average guy. Other ladies do as well, and perhaps it is not appreciated by their partners and gents. After all, the concept of a woman earning more than a man is something new. London escorts have always earned rather good money, and I guess it is one of the reasons we are so independent.

Are women better educated? Women are now better educated than ever before, and it has made them very confident. I cannot say that I stayed in school for very long. The truth is that I left school to join London escorts when I was 19 years old. However, I am pretty street smart, and on top of that, I have kind of self educated myself. Yes, I do feel I have learned a lot since leaving school, and that has helped me to become more self confident. Do all men like self confident women? Not all of them.

Women are not as submissive as they once were. Today, you will find that a lot of women are happy to drop a bloke if she does not enjoy his company any more. I would imagine a lot of men see that as something very threatening. When I meet a guy I don’t like at London escorts, I often tell him that he is not for. I have heard the comment that I am just a bloody escort more than once. That might be true, but I am a woman with feelings and emotions. Also, I am happy to stand up for myself, and there is no way this girl is ever going to put up with cheating men. If I feel that way, I am sure that there are many other women out there who feel the same way.

A Sweet Yet Pocket Friendly Experience

As a salesman, my pay is dependent on the money I make. Some days I make a lot of cash while on other days I barely make enough for my necessities. With such an uncertain income, luxuries are hard to come by. Honestly, I cannot even afford to maintain a girlfriend. After such a long dry spell of nil sexual encounters, I had enough. All I wanted was for a girl to caress me and make me feel special. Such are the gestures you do not take for granted especially after a long period of not having any. So, one day I shared my predicament with Jones. Jones and I work in one of the prestigious malls in town, only that he is a security officer while I am a salesman. He told me that if I wanted, he would show me how to get cheap escorts.

One Thursday evening after a long day at work, I went to Jones’ station of work. We used his phone to check out some sexy cheap escorts online. Damn! I was already turned on by their nice and attractive bodies. So, I chose one who had a cheap rate. The choice was difficult considering that they were all attractive and asked for low rates. At first, I was skeptical about hiring a cheap escort since I thought they had poor services. Believe you me; I regretted ever having thought of Sally in that way. That girl gave me a night that will forever be engraved in my heart and of course my dick too. As I said earlier, I was not sure about the lady of the night so I chose to have a club meet up. She was there on time, all dressed up and psyched for the evening.

“Hi Nick,” “Hi Sally”, I replied to my guest’s greetings. “You look great!’” I commented- which was true and evident considering how she was dressed up. Her cleavage was obviously exposed and her big booty swayed left to right. We exchanged pleasantries then I ordered a drink for her. Two hours later, I found myself laughing loudly with this stranger now friend. Slowly, one thing led to another and in no time, my cock arose to the occasion.

We walked into a motel a few blocks away from the club and booked a room. She suggested we try bondage which I agreed to. Sally was well equipped and had even brought her light bondage tools. Ten minutes later, I was climaxing after a hot and wet blow job. She surely gave my dick some justice. At this point, my dick was hard, her pussy wet and the temperatures close to the sun’s temps. So, we thought, why not lower these temperatures down? I entered her, thrusting my hungry dick inside her tight and sweet pussy. (Thinking about that feeling turns me on). I don’t remember how long it happened; but I recall us doing several rounds.

The experience was one to die for, and I can’t wait for the next. I did not know I could get such quality yet cheap escort services. Time had better fly fast so that I can have that pussy again during the weekend.